Cathy Peters

Welcome! I'm Cathy.
I enjoy creating soothing watercolour, acrylic & mixed media paintings that have spirit and reveal an experienced artist's interpretation of feelings, emotions and artistic individuality.

The titles of my paintings are often created before the painting is started, hence the focus on the title continues to play an integral part in the creation of the final painting. Often, a painting's title will complete the "story" of my artwork.

I hope you enjoy the views here on my website. Thanks for visiting!

- Sincerely,
Cathy Peters


"My goal is to create a feeling in a painting that echoes an interactive expression and relies on the viewer to complete the visual interpretation."



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H: (905) 835-5899

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721 Clarence St

Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Private home studio – by appointment only:

721 Clarence St., Port Colborne,

ON, L3K 0A8


“I have been a huge fan of Cathy's since first seeing her art over a decade ago on a studio tour. Cathy's painting style uses a combination of vibrant colours, depth of content and motion to present the viewer with a cornucopia of pleasing eye candy. I enjoy looking at her paintings, several of which I own, delving into the imagery being presented and discovering new elements. Each painting has a story on the canvas for the viewer to interpret and make it their own. Cathy continues to evolve and experiment with various techniques and subject matter creating a body of work that is both varied and rich. I look forward to adding to my collection.“
ST. CAtharines, Ontario, Canada
"I have many of Cathy’s wonderful artwork (mostly watercolours) hanging on my walls. They are beautiful, vibrant, colourful, and calming. Seeing them every day brings me great joy.

I am so happy to have discovered such a talented and gracious artist.

Thank you, Cathy, for your beautiful artwork."

Guelph, Ontario, Canada