Charity Work

The following is a cross section of charities I am honoured to have been a part of and able to contribute my creative talents towards their fund-raising efforts.

"Waiting in Hope"

“Waiting in Hope”

Painting Title:  Waiting In Hope

Charity: Guatemalan Stove Project

While visiting in Guatemala, I saw first hand the poverty and need so many impoverished families in this Third World country experience. The plight of these rural families, who do not have adequate means to have the simplest of facilities in their home, rely on the support of the Guatemala Stove Project foundation to provide a family with simple heating and cooking apparatus. It was with the warm inspiration of these beautiful families and my commitment to improve their lives, that I am proud to produce this painting and many others. With every Guatemalan-inspired painting that I sell, the proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Guatemalan Stove Project Charity to fund a stove for a rural family.


Memories in PinkPainting Title:  Memories In Pink
Charity: Breast Cancer Run for the Cure

Unfortunately too many of us have experienced watching friends and family meet the challenges of breast cancer.  I have lost friends in the fight and have also seen friends win this battle.  It was those struggles that were the inspiration and significance behind this piece.  Those individuals energy, fight, support and love helped me create this picture and the proceeds of its sale was directly donated to the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.  This painting is dedicated to all of those who are connected by a pink ribbon.

"Regatta Night"

“Regatta Night”

Painting Title:  Regatta Night

Charity: Port Cares

Feeling strongly about supporting the needs in one’s community, I am a proud supporter of our local community organization, Port Cares. This agency provides leadership, support and resources to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families in Port Colborne. Through yearly fund-raising efforts, this piece was donated for their annual auction and dinner. Reflecting a familiar lakeside scene in the area, this artwork was created with strong, lively colours to reflect the vibrant energy and strength of this community program.

"Soothing Shores"

“Soothing Shores”

Painting Title:  Soothing Shores

Charity: Live Auction for Empty Bowls, Erie, PA

Having been approached by theorganizers of the Empty Bowl Dinner and Auction to contribute a piece of artwork for the fundraising event in Erie, Pennsylvania, this painting was created for the Auction. The subject of the piece was created from a scene along the beautiful, tranquil setting of the beach at Presque Isle, along the Lake Erie shore in Erie, Pennsylvania. Proceeds of the Empty Bowls fundraising event benefited the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest, PA. I was honoured to be asked to be part of this worthwhile event and even more excited to watch the competition ensue on the auction block for this artwork.



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